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Tips for Choosing or Buying Quality and Healthy Rice

Rice is the staple food of the Indonesian people, including in NTT. At present various types of rice are present and appear in the midst of people of different qualities. However, as we know, many traders use any method to dredge or earn more. For this reason, it is not uncommon for them to use fraudulent methods to get what they expect. Where one of them is mixing rice with certain chemicals. Which of these chemicals is harmful to the body, such as bleach or certain chemicals to enhance the aroma released by rice itself. Even worse, there are some traders who sell rice made from plastic. Knowing like this, it is our duty to be more careful and alert.

As a smart mother for children and husbands, you must be careful when you want to buy food ingredients. Do not let you be tempted by cheap goods but can actually threaten health. To avoid choosing the wrong rice, then there is an effective way you can do it. You can apply this method of rice when you want to buy rice so that the rice you get is of higher quality and healthier so it will not endanger the health of you and your beloved family.

The following are tips on choosing or buying quality and healthy rice.

  • Notice the appearance of rice that you will buy

Before you decide to buy the rice you choose, it's best if you pay attention to its appearance first. You should choose rice that is clean, free of gravel, dirt and fleas. You also have to avoid choosing rice that is too white, because nowadays there is a lot of rice that contains bleach and is dangerous for health.

  • Don't Believe in Cheap Valuable Rice

When buying rice, make sure you buy rice at a reasonable price or follow the prices on the market. However, you have to be careful with valuable sloping rice or quite cheap. For fear that the rice has poor quality or even mixed with other unsafe ingredients.

  • Notice the Rice Texture

When you choose rice, then you have to make sure that the rice you choose is not easily broken or broken when pressed, because the rice is easily broken and broken when pressed, it means the rice is in a bad condition.

  • Kiss the Aroma of Rice You Will Buy

You have to make sure that you don't smell the rice with a smelly smell. Because if the smell is smelled, then it's a sign that the rice has been stored for too long. In addition, you should also avoid rice that has an overly fragrant aroma, because the aroma that comes out comes from artificial coloring.

  • Squeeze Rice

In addition, you also have to squeeze the rice you are going to buy. If the rice at that time sticks to the hand when it is squeezed, then the sign is that the rice contains lubricant. Therefore, you must avoid it.

  • Buy in a trusted store

You can buy rice in your trust shop to avoid buying rice or being cheated by fraudulent traders. Therefore it is very important for you to buy rice at PT Multiniaga Jaya Abadi. By entrusting and buying rice at MNJA, you don't need to worry about the quality of rice that MNJA sells. MNJA guarantees that all products including rice are of high quality, clean and without bleach. Contact us immediately for more information.

That's the tips for choosing or buying quality and healthy rice. Hopefully with the tips above, you will not be trapped or deceived. May be useful.