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Making Your Own Minimarket or Franchise?

The rise of minimarket business is not only happening in the city. The minimarket business has stretched into the village. In remote villages there are at least three franchise minimarket outlets. Many people are interested in opening a business, a minimarket franchise, regardless of the great benefits it provides. Then what is the difference between franchising and opening your own minimarket?

The franchise business is essentially buying a trademark for you to run on your own.

The main advantage that you get from a franchise business is brand awareness. Big names like KFC, McDonald 's, 711, Indomaret, and Alfamart are well known and have their own customers so franchisees (people who buy franchises) need not bother to promote their business. People will come automatically.

Second, in terms of business support, franchisees are given a variety of facilities by franchisees (people who give franchises), such as site selection consultations, employee training, and technical assistance if franchisees face problems.

Third, franchisees do not need to bother looking for suppliers because generally the suppliers in the franchise business come from the same party / company.

Although it has many conveniences, but the franchise business also has disadvantages, one of which is considerable capital. For example, to be able to buy an Indomaret franchise, an investment cost of Rp. 394 million. These costs include the cost of buying a franchise, licensing, and purchasing, electronic and non-electronic equipment. Some franchises do require substantial capital, but there are also small franchises that require small capital, such as Kebab Turki Baba Rafi which requires an initial investment cost of Rp 65 million.

The next disadvantage is regarding the franchise ownership period. In the process of purchasing a franchise there is a cooperation agreement regarding the time of franchise ownership which is on average five years old. If you want to continue the period of cooperation, you must deposit the initial investment again.

While opening your own business is in terms of capital. Because you run your own business, then you can determine the amount of initial capital used, and that affects the scale of your business later. The type of business with the least capital is to open an online store, and this is what is happening.

The second advantage is that you can freely determine which supplier to use. Choosing the right supplier is not easy, sometimes business people can repeatedly change suppliers to find suppliers that match it.

Third, because this is a business with ideas and own capital, the business operations are up to the business owner. The choice of location, store design or business, employees, to the details of the rules all that determines is the business owner. The decision to sell or close a business is also entirely in the hands of the owner.

Another advantage of own business is the expansion of business into a franchise brand. It is not impossible that the business you pioneered was actually glimpsed by someone else to make it a franchise.

Although it looks easy, starting your own business also has several challenges. The main challenge is how to conduct effective promotions so that people want to visit your place or buy the products / services you offer. This promotion also cannot be done only once in a while, but must continue.

Financially, making its own market has its own challenges because it has to think about branding and build trust from the start so that it gets more attention from the community as its main customer. But if in remote areas, the greater the chance for success. Especially supported by choosing a distributor of basic food products and good and complete food. Like choosing MNJA as a place to complement basic food products and food that you will sell, without thinking about quality because it is ensured that the products here are very good. So don't hesitate to choose MJNA.