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Digital Transformation for Increasing Business Opportunities

Overall, digital transformation is digitizing business and marketing operations. Digital transformation is driven by the development of information technology and massive internet penetration and has changed consumer behavior a lot.

Companies that hope to make a shift to digital based (or even partial) primary marketing strategies face many decision choices: Where do you find skilled personnel? What is the budget for digital marketing? What type of social media do you focus on? How do we look after the audience while still attracting new ones?

Indeed, digital strategy is far more than just creating a great website and gathering more Facebook or Twitter followers. This is a new level of involvement that requires a lot of expertise and new energy.

Everyone is connected lately, and some companies find it difficult to follow: According to Smart Insights, around 49% of companies have not implemented a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

But it's not just the fact that people shop online through digital channels; Nowadays, people make purchasing decisions differently. They are more careful now, and (sometimes) have global choices about where to find the products they want.

In short, consumers today are more likely to look for their ideal products than to be convinced through advertising. Here we can take advantage of content marketing while encouraging popularity in search engines. Then consumers will shop online or visit your store.

Consumers are more critical of every purchase decision they will make. With the widespread use of mobile devices and the decline in the need for local goods and services, consumers are now looking for what they want and get it quickly, rather than advertisers having to "show" the product to consumers so they buy it.

The transformation of sales to the digital world in Kupang In particular and NTT in general, is indeed very interesting. But because of the centralization of the majority of Java, shipping costs are too expensive for Kupang. Business opportunities become sellers of online stalls with the help of the availability of stocks supplied by MNJA.